Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New GuyStampin Site

Hey all,

Its been some time since I posted here. I just wanted to let you know that I will work to update this site over time, but will be focusing more on my new blog at


Please take time if you can to come over and visit this site as well and become a follower. You can even subscribe to site updates there.

Thanks again and I look forward to staying in touch with all.

My from scrapbook room to yours.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

CKC Nashville Was Awesome


Creating Keepsakes Convention Nashville officially ended today and I had a ball. This was my first scrapbooking convention in my days of being a paper crafter. I was so involved with this convention that I almost didn't get the chance to enjoy it.

I really wanted to volunteer for the convention but no one would hire me it seemed because I was a guy. So on Thursday the day of setup, I just showed up and said I want to be a volunteer for a vendor since this was a chance to get to meet everyone. Thanks to the folks of S.E.I because they hired me on the spot. I worked for a totally of 4 hours but wanted more. So just across the aisle was Scrapperz Outlet with an awesome owner named Josh who hired me to work their booth the next day. I walked around and met the ladies from Rusty Pickle, and gosh these ladies were the bomb, almost as good as the product the company puts out.

I spent Friday at Scrapperz outlet, demonstrating the Big Shot and all the awesome dies and embossing dies from Sizzix. I met so many wonderful ladies that came by the booth. Josh was great to work for but I was so tired after that I went home without even shopping.

Saturday has arrived and I show up to pick up my free product for working the booth and end up sellling even more Sizzix stuff but ended up going over to the Rusty Pickle booth where the ladies asked me to sell mystery bags. I sold over 100 bags in about an hour and gosh I was almost hoarse from all the hawking but I did it, I sold them all. I ended up with free product from them too!! Off, I went to see other booths. I met some wonderful people like Ben & Brandon who were running the the cheap deals booth. The couple running EZ laser cuts were great too.
One of my great finds at the convention, was the opportunity to meet Cricut Dan, Dan Summers, co-founder of Scrapbook Corner. Yes another guy in the scrapbooking field. Dan conducted some awesome tutorials on the Cricut and yes I learned some new tips on the product that I never knew and got a cool monogram in vinyl too for my guy scrapbook. cricutdanthecricutgirls
Closing out the day, I found what was probably the neatest and innovative products from a company named PK Glitz, owned by James and Janelle Marshall. They have this new product called Wonder Film. It is embossable film that you can use embossing poweder or glitter on. I just had to buy some of this and I will feature them in the next blog post.
Now its the end of day and convention has closed but I met some great people and look forward to its return next year to nashville.
Thanks Creating Keepsakes from your Scrappin Guy and thanks from our Nashville paper crafters for bringing this convention to our town.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making Your Own Embossing Powder to Match ink

You need an embossing powder to match a particular color of ink? Place clear UTEE in mixing (disposable) container. Add several drops of alcohol inks. Mix with a craft stick until alcohol evaporates and mixture is smooth.

Okay, Tim Holtz demonstrated this but if I'm not mistaken, Suze Weinberg has done something similar when using her melting pot. She melted clear UTEE then put drops of ink into the liquid UTEE, swirled them together to marbleize then dipped small cardboard squares, face down, into the mix.

Suze used Colors To Dye For inks (a dye based, heat safe ink). The colors can be blended for custom colors, too. I've looked at both Suze's website and Ranger Industries and see nothing listed as Colors To Dye For...only dye based inks.

Here's the link to the show where she makes the marbleized things.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

A New Blog For Me: Guy Stampin & Scrappin

Hey all,

Since I have now evolved from being just a scrapbooking guy, I now will have 2 different blogs for you all to follow. Guyscrappin will still be used for showcasing new scrapbooking projects, thrifty ideas, and my everyday life.

My new blog Guy Scrappin & Stampin will be used to showcase my new Stampin Up business. Please if you follow come visit both of my blogs. I really appreciate all your feedback that you may have.

Stefen Brock
Scrappin & Stampin Guy

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The New Stampin Up 2009-2010 Catalog


Wow, what a fantastic day of sharing the Stampin' Up! 2009-2010 Idea Book and Catalog release on-line plus rolling out exciting new promotions.

Here are a few announcements that you might want to look at:.

Download new 2009-2010 Stampin' Up! Idea Book and Catalog

Download Stampin' Supply List (supplies used in the new Catalog)

Download new Definitely Decorative Brochures

Stampin' Up! Deal of the Week (Scallop Edge Punch on Sale)

Updated Dormant (not in the catalog) but Available List

Starting at $85 for the new Mini Starter Kit

Standard Starter Kit Summer Bonus. Free In Color InkPads and In Color Assorted Card Stock.

Today in celebration of the new catalog I am offering up to 30% off new catalog prices.

Please contact me via email or (615)260-7265. Sorry Nashville TN metro area only.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A return to the land of Scrapbooking & Stamping: Scrapbook reboot

Hey all,

Well it been sometime since I updated my blog and I thought now is better than ever. Its the dog days of summer when it is to hot to go out so what not to do but stay in scrapbook. I have not been as active this past spring in my scrapbooking and stamping that I should have been. Gosh so much has happened since my the winter and I hope to catch everyone up.

I am so glad to finally have a reboot. I got so overwhelmed that I kinda took time off since Feburary. I was so burned out but like most I was not going to be to call it quits. After all, I have a ton of stuff that I have collected. I just needed a little down time from being so overwhelmed with everything going on around me.

So what else has this guy been up to? Well I actually just got back from Europe. I spent 12 days in Barcelona,Spain, Malta, Rome, Florence, and Cannes France. I will have tons of scrapping & stamping to do.

Lastly, let's go on to tell you that I finally and am officially a Stampin Up Rep. I am probably one of the few of us guys out there to sell Stampin Up. So please if you can help me, send me orders from you and your friends. I will be bringing more details in future posts.

All I am so glad to be back and look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you. Lets make this summer one of the best of all

Your scrappin friend & Stampin Up rep loves ya!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Being a Guy in a Girls Scrapbooking World

Hey all,being that my blog is about scrapbooking from a guy's perspective, I think its time to post something more about my life. I entered the scrapbooking world about a year and half ago as a way to adopt my newly adopted twin boys heritage since they came from an orphanage and had no history. I logged onto www.meetup.com and found the Nashville Scrappers and Stampers group. Well I knew kinda going in that alot of women did this so I was kinda worried about attending one of the local meetups. Finally after much deliberation, I found out that at this event they were going to have a yardsale, so I decided go and see what it was all about. Being new I had no idea what to even get but I arrived and introduced myself to a lady named Karen and she showed me to the yardsale table and told me to look around to let her know if i needed anything. Well being a social butterfly, I decided to look around in addition to yardsale shop and spoke to some of the ladies there. They were totally nice to me and begged for me to come join them sometime.

Well fast forward, and I am home and I get a message from this lady named Nicole, who was intrigued by how a guy would be interested in scrapbooking. She told me to feel free to email her and that I was welcome to come over to her house and she would teach me the craft. Nicole became my best girlfriend and my scrappin mamma almost instantaneously. She is one to the best friend that any guy scrapbooker could have. She encouraged me to come to the first crop of the meetup group and I finally broke down and went. Everyone was super friendly. They accepted me no matter what and offered help.

Well almost two years have pasted now and these ladies have become some of my best friends. They are intrigued still yet as to the things that I talk about. I can go into the local Hobby Lobby and craft store and have a group around me talking in minutes about the do's and don't of both beginner and advanced scrapbooking and guess what!!! Paper Crafting and rubber stamping. They want to know how i got into this and where I hang.

I have since become one of the assistant organizers of the Nashville Scrappers and Stampers meetup and am constantly bringing new members to the crops. I host with Nicole's help a locally monthly crop at my church and we always have a waiting list of people that want to come. If i show a new product at these crops, ladies are really fast to listen and gosh I feel on cloud 9!!!

All this being said, I really am a paper crafter and scrapbooker now and this goes to show that MEN CAN BE IN THIS WORLD!!! Spread to the word to all and share this blog with others, that there in no shame in being a guy in a Girls Scrapbooking World.

FYI, I am now working on being a guy Stampin Up Rep. If you know anyone out there that is looking for an excited guy to promote their product, send them my way.