Saturday, June 20, 2009

A return to the land of Scrapbooking & Stamping: Scrapbook reboot

Hey all,

Well it been sometime since I updated my blog and I thought now is better than ever. Its the dog days of summer when it is to hot to go out so what not to do but stay in scrapbook. I have not been as active this past spring in my scrapbooking and stamping that I should have been. Gosh so much has happened since my the winter and I hope to catch everyone up.

I am so glad to finally have a reboot. I got so overwhelmed that I kinda took time off since Feburary. I was so burned out but like most I was not going to be to call it quits. After all, I have a ton of stuff that I have collected. I just needed a little down time from being so overwhelmed with everything going on around me.

So what else has this guy been up to? Well I actually just got back from Europe. I spent 12 days in Barcelona,Spain, Malta, Rome, Florence, and Cannes France. I will have tons of scrapping & stamping to do.

Lastly, let's go on to tell you that I finally and am officially a Stampin Up Rep. I am probably one of the few of us guys out there to sell Stampin Up. So please if you can help me, send me orders from you and your friends. I will be bringing more details in future posts.

All I am so glad to be back and look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you. Lets make this summer one of the best of all

Your scrappin friend & Stampin Up rep loves ya!!


cal8007 said...


I am so glad you are back!! I miss reading all the techie stuff you have to share!


Precious Scraps by Beverly said...

Welcome back ! Thanks for stopping in the store to visit. I will try to send some SU orders your way. Nice to have met you and your boys.

Precious Scraps