Monday, November 3, 2008

Guys That Scrapbook

Yesterday I took the 1st step in finding others guys that are into scrapbooking. Being a new member of the Fiskateers, I posted on the general message board trying to find guys that are crafty like me. Being in the scrapbooking hobby now for a little over a year, I have had no luck locally finding any guys that work on any kind of paper crafting whether it be scrapbooking, card making, or altered art.

Scrap booking is a hobby that is dominated by women but is slowly opening to guys. The problem is there is no place for guys to communicate online that I have ever found. We are spread out here and there. I found some on yahoo, others on MSN groups, but still no central spot.

Also so much of the supplies out there are made toward the more girly pinks and pastels and not alot of darker manly colors. Do scrap booking companies not know we exist? I will give it to them that there are more papers coming out lately and some embellishments that men can use in their pages or on their cards but they are still seriously lacking.

I am out to change this hobby. I want to bring paper crafting to more men. I would love your help. If you are out there and like to paper craft, get in touch with me. If you know sites for social networking shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sharon b said...

Stephen, You should look at Club Scrap, they have lots of different papers and are not usually girly. They are theme based. Check out the website. I also belong to a yahoo group Tennessee stampers, we mostly stamp but there are a few ladies online who scrapbook.

Sharon B

Pinky said...

You should make your own board. I did that and it ended up being 180+ members strong. I bet if you had a catchy title and focused on men you would gain members fast!
It's Free for a basic board and easy to set up.

Michelle McGee said...

Good for you, and I'm behind you if you need me!

Anonymous said...

trust me lots of women hate the pinks stuff these companies produce - and i hate it even more when they produce tools with pink handles - how much more condersending can they be

Jim said...

Come join our Yahoo group - paperfollies. Our founder is based in Great Brittain and myself and another gentleman are based in New York and our oldest male member is in Las Vegas. We have members in the Netherlands, Scotland, the States and even New Zealand.