Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scrappin and Stampin Around The World

Last night was a momentous day for the United States as we saw our first African American president elected. We saw people around the world celebrating this victory and we saw others that hoped that this new president would strength some of our weak presidential ties with other countries. This got me to think international and where the papercrafting hobbiest are around the world and what techniques are used in thier countries.

I was watching a recent episode on Fiskars T.V. that featured Juliana Mansour from Brazil. It was interesting to learn that in Brazil buttons and sewing was are used in the majority of layouts. Also where we rely on tape runners here in the United States, they use glue sticks mostly.

So it brings to question, how is scrapbooking and stampin different in other countries. Do scrapbooking companies make products only specific to a particular country? Are there companies abroad that produce products that we don't know about here? Is there an international papercrafting hobby site?

I am one who believes that one cannot have enough friend especailly in the hobby that I love. I would love to know your opinions and thoughts on scrapbooking in other countries. Having a friend to bounce these ideas off from another country on regular basis would be even better.

I would love all of your thoughts out there on the international scrapbooking and stampin industry.


NanaBeth said...

Stefan you got to get in touch with the Kiwi's! They are hilarious and a great bunch of scrapping friends. Only problem is it makes for some late nights chatting with them in the Fiskateer chatroom, but it's worth it. I'm going to put links to 2 of their blogs in a comment on the message board.

Mardi said...

There are quite a few International Fiskateers.

Nic said...

hey Stefen - the only downfall i've found in being "down under" is so much of the Christmas stuff is snow themed, and of course on Christmas we are running around in shorts and jandals!

n8tvtexan said...

I moved to Japan this summer. They are just getting into scrapbooking I think. What they do offer is expensive. They do a lot of paper quilling. You should see the wedding announcements they make!! They still have *gasp* magnetic albums!

Calv said...

Hi Stefan, great question.

I love seeing the different ways that international scrappers work. My fave at the moment has to be the Norwegian's and the surrounding countries work. It's so fresh and intricate, and thier attention to detail can be astonishing at times.

My partner Maddy once said she wonders if the freshness and lightness of colour in thier work, had anything to to with the surroundings in those countries? I mean if all you see is gorgeous snow and clean crisp views, maybe that would reflect in your makes?

There are so many gorgeous crafts out there though, i know when i first got into crafting, it was through beading. I was, and am still fascinated by native american indian crafts, i could sit here all day looking at them.