Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Etching with Cricut

Okay all, I post recently about etching with the Cricut machine. There is one thing I have found to be a problem and that is materials costs. So i have looked for a way to bring the cost down to practically nothing. First of all lets go over materials needed for etching that you will have to buy in addition to everyday regular supplies. These would be Etching Cream, Vinyl, and Transfer tape.

Etching Cream:
Lets just all say it. Armour Etch is really expensive but a little bit goes a long way. It runs about $10 for a real small bottle, and about $25 for a large bottle. To get this cheap, use your Micheals, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, or Joann's Coupon.

Vinyl: (Use Can use Contact Paper):
Yes you see it, you can cut cheap contact paper on your cricut machine instead of using expensive vinyl. You can buy contact paper cheap at big lots or Walmart. Doesn't matter what contact paper looks like as you are using it as template. Just lay on your Cricut Mat, don't remove adhesive backing.

Vinyl is another solution that is used. I found a great deal ther other day with product sold at Lowe's called Wall Pops. Wallpops is vinyl that comes in packs of 5 sheet or rolls of 15 feet. It is the same stuff as vinyl and costs only $3.00 a pack. FYI: They are clearance so selection will be limited. If you can't get to Lowe's, a great place online to look for Vinyl is They run really good deals on vinyl that is compatible with Cricut machines.

Let me know if you know of any other cheap ways to get these supplies.


Donna said...

Hi Stephen, I just got a expression for Christmas but I haven't tried etching or the vinyl yet. I'll keep watching to see some of the projects you do and how they went for you. Enjoy the day!! Congrat on the adoption~!

Michelle McGee said...

Etching? Can you post a sample?