Friday, January 30, 2009

The Power of Scrapbooking Friends

Its a new year for me and finally things are starting to to turn around in my scrapbooking and rubber stamping world. As many of you may or may not know, I went through a tough end of the year with my newly adopted twin 8 year old boys. Their adoption was to finalize on December 11, 2008 and just about 3 weeks prior my boys started the process of trying to push us away. They started acting up in school, melting down, crying and everything from punching to rage as they knew their adoption finalization was coming soon. They had been in this same place over the last couple of times they were placed in a foster home to be adopted and were worried that we would not adopt them. They were trying to push us away to see if we would. But we stood our ground and endured through it all with tears and frustration.

As many of you know I started scrapbooking and stamping as a way to build a heritage for my boys because they were adopted from an orphanage where they had been since age 2. During all this time, I total lost touch with my scrapbooking friends especially those on I felt so down over all the issues that we were going through. But it was the power and friendships of each one of my scrapbooking friends that in the end help me get through it all. I was shown how my true friends were and as it was all about to finish packages starting arriving with Random acts of Kindness from friends. Many of my friends kicked into gear and I was not alone, fiskateers rock!!!! I know many may think scrapbookers and papercrafters are a bunch of women who waste time and just like to get together eat and gossip. Well I stand to tell you they are not.They are loving and supportive beyond everyone I know even my church.

Thanks all for what you do and have done. I look forward to being able to pass along this great empowerment you have given and the acceptance I get in this all girl world as a guy

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